The Back Story

Finally, my own paint party studio! When I was just 14, I would sit in my room designing business cards for my future photography studio, it was a black card with red writing and a red and silver image of a camera. I still love photography, but when I got to middle age, although I did, and still do love photography so much, I found myself more interested in painting. I guess it had been in me since way back then that I was an entrepreneur and would own a business one day. Just happens to be painting, rather than photography. Young me would be surprised, as I didn't even know I could draw well until I was in my mid twenties, painting came later. I also thought one day I'd own a kids gym, as I love gymnastics, and at the age of 12 would go door to door asking parents of young children, if I could give their children gymnastic lessons for just $5.00. Two people actually signed up - Good times.

Anyway, I think I always knew I'd own a business one day, but I have to give a lot of credit to my fiance, James, who has been so supportive and encouraging, and helpful.. He is my #1 fan, and if not for his gentle prodding, opening this business may not have happened. He has helped me gain so much confidence in the past year, and he has plenty of faith in me, in us and in the business. Thank God for him, as he serves as my security guard, my handy man, my

sales/marketing person, and since he's more assertive than I am, he has helped so much when having to deal with issues which involve property management, problems the building had in the past, etc. So much got done in a timely fashion because of his advice, efforts and phone calls to the right people. I appreciate you so much James, and glad you are right there helping me at every turn and with every challenge. May WE have a very successful business and future together!